Meet a Team - MAX - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Meet a Team – MAX

We caught up with the legends running the LSC&PH MAX program at Somers this week. MAX is a little program with A LOT of heart. The invariably great feedback from participants year after year speaks for itself. Get to know the team behind this excellent youth leadership camp in 2021. (Maybe grab a cuppa or a vino – there are 16 of these champions to meet.)

Let us know who you are…

Dan – Hi, I’m Dan! I work in sustainable design and engineering.  I also work freelance as a photographer and within the youth development sector in education. I love snowboarding, riding, hiking, reading and martial arts!
Danya – Hey, I’m Danya! I’m a big fan of live music, travelling, getting outdoors, hiking and hanging out with my dog. At the moment, my jobs are in youth work, disability support and at a trampoline park.

What did you get out of the MAX program?

Dan – MAX allowed me to build upon my understanding of who I am, what makes me tick, and what I want to achieve. It provided me with an amazing sense of community and a great relationship base with Somers peeps!
Danya – MAX was super impactful for me. It taught me to follow my passions and to be courageous in my dreams. It reminded me to surround myself with kind and supportive people, to fully back and believe in myself in all areas. It also gave me an incredible sense of community and friendships. 

How has LSC&PH shaped you as a leader? 

Dan – Somers has taught me the value of mentoring and that there is always more to learn, build and develop. As a leader, I learnt how important it is to be a part of the team rather than sit above it and to treat everyone with respect, dignity and value their wellbeing.
Danya – LSC&PH has shown me how valuable effective and transparent communication within teams is. It has definitely reminded me of the value of fun and play and how prioritising this can really positively impact the group. As a leader, working at camps has also taught me the importance of flexibility and adaptability, as well as working under pressure. It’s demonstrated the significance of leading from behind, and being constantly open to your own growth and learning.

A little about you both…?

Luke – I’m Luke and I’m studying Science and Engineering, majoring in Environments, and also working at an Optometrist.
Tilda – And I’m Tilda and I work as a paediatric occupational therapist.

What did you get out of MAX?

Luke – Some lifelong friends while also challenging my comfort zone and helping me articulate my passions.
Tilda – MAX helped me to challenge my perspectives, reflect on where I was at, and where I wanted to head.

How has LSC&PH challenged you?

– LSC&PH has challenged me to define my values and help me push the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of!
Tilda – LSC&PH has pushed me to step out of all of my comfort zones, and to see that this is so okay! It has also helped me to embrace silliness and find ways to bring this into other aspects of my life.

Introduce yourselves and what your professions are.

Georgia – I am a full time Paramedicine student at ACU. I also work as a receptionist at a bulk-billing clinic and do lots of camps on the side.
Oliver – I’m currently a student, studying a Master of Clinical Audiology

What were your key take-aways from MAX?

Georgia – A stronger sense of self, engagement in the LSC&PH community, and some amazing friends.
Oliver – I got so much out of MAX. Learned a great deal about myself and others’ perspectives, made heaps of friends and had a heap of fun.

What does ‘community’ mean to you after being involved with LSC&PH?

Georgia – It can be whatever you make it, it doesn’t have to be a defined thing.
Oliver – To me, community means family… the family you get to choose. A group who all work together for each other, who all care for each other. A privilege to be a part of.

What do you do for a living?

James – I work as a Management Consultant. I help develop strategy and run evaluations for government and nonprofits.
Laura – I’m a Client Support Managing Director at a tech company. I spend my days helping people better understand how to use our tech system and get the tech support they need #turnitoffandonagain

How did MAX impact you?

James – The session topics gave me a framework to help understand who I want to be in the future and the program gave me time to reflect on how I was going to become that person.
Laura – A fabulous group of friends and an amazing support network that I continue to use eight years later.

How do you apply what you have learnt from LSC&PH into the ‘real world’?

James – I’ve discovered the power of diverse teams to approach challenges from different perspectives and innovate. Much like MAX, the real world works best when it brings together a diverse range of people.
Laura – I’ve learnt to challenge myself in a range of different ways and the value of surrounding yourself with supportive people.

Introduce yourselves and let us know what you do…

Hannah I’m Hannah and I work in the LSC&PH office – Camp is life!
CaitlinMy name is Caitlin and I am a Prep Teacher.

What did you get out of MAX as a participant?

Caitlin – I have developed an understanding of myself in a deeper way than I think I would otherwise have the opportunity to.
Hannah – I gained so much confidence from my week at MAX and was filled with a stronger sense of self worth. For the first time, I felt celebrated for what made me unique and like I didn’t have to change or be any different to be valued by others. It was a safe space to come out of my shell and the friendships I sparked during that week are now some of my dearest relationships.

In five words, describe how LSC&PH has impacted you. 

Hannah – Sense of belonging and acceptance.
Caitlin – Confidence, love, learning, character building.

Let us know who you are and what you do for a living.

Ben – Hi, I’m Ben and outside of Camp I work in advertising.
Georgie – Hi, Im Georgie and outside camp I work as an intake worker at a mental health/family service company.

The best thing about MAX for the two of you…?

We both believed that going to MAX helped us build a greater sense of belonging within the Somers community. Allowing us the time to get to know a range of different people in the organisation. It has allowed us the opportunity to make a positive impact within the organisation, as well as helping us build confidence and self-belief, not only in Somers but also in the real world. We think there are so many positive things you can take from MAX which is one of the things that makes it so special.

Why should people be involved in our programs? 

There are so many reasons but the strong sense of inclusivity in the organisation and greater community is a great reason to be involved.

Tell us about yourselves!

Jess – Hi, I’m Jess! I am a keen traveller, I love hiking and running and just generally being outside or on an adventure. When I am not doing these things I work in a hospital as a physiotherapist, helping people with chronic respiratory conditions.
Matt – I’m Matt White. I do a sword fighting martial art, I like hiking, reading books (when I have time), playing video games while also trying to learn more about IT for my profession. I am currently a Project Officer creating online continuing professional development courses for medical professionals including areas such as Diabetes, urinary incontinence, COVID-19 and Neuroanatomy.

How did MAX impact you?

Jess – New friends, confidence to be myself and to share my opinions even if they are different to others, stronger connection to the Somers community, and an extremely memorable week.
Matt – New friends, new skills and a new way of thinking about life.

Why do you continue to be involved in LSC&PH programs? 

Jess – LSC&PH programs challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone and allow me to develop my communication and leadership skills in a supportive and judgement free environment. Giving back to the community helps me to reconnect and recharge after being busy in my everyday life. I love meeting new people, gaining new perspectives and of course catching up with life-long friends whenever I am involved in LSC&PH programs.
Matt – I get to develop myself by pushing my boundaries, and provide opportunities for others to develop themselves and give back to the community.

What’s your profession outside of LSC&PH?

Phoebe – I am a provisional psychologist working in the disability sector.
Risyad – I am a registered nurse at a metropolitan tertiary hospital.

What were your biggest take-aways from the MAX program?

Phoebe – I formed strong friendships, skills to further develop my passions, and a greater sense of connection to participate in LSC&PH programs.
Risyad – A better sense of self, which led me to nursing and got me through the pandemic as a graduate nurse.

The LSC&PH values are fun, friendship, belonging, care and acceptance. Which of these resonates the most with you and why?

Phoebe – Ah, so many of them! Oohh, If I had to pick one, it would be acceptance because whatever you do in your outside life, or your age, or your ability, there is something for you in the LSC&PH community.
Risyad – Yes to Phoebe’s response! Acceptance because it’s a value that I personally hold close to heart and LSC&PH is one of those spaces that really champion acceptance.