Meet a Member - Charlie Bowes - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Meet a Member – Charlie Bowes

We caught up with Charlie, who has been a beloved part of the Somers community since his Somers debut as a Light Blue grouper.

How do you apply what you have learned from LSC&PH into the ‘real world’?

Somers has taught me many things over my years of being involved. Respect, tolerance, and finding the fun are some of the best parts of my Somers education. I think the most important message that I have learnt from my Somers life is treating every person I come across with unconditional positive regard.

What does ‘good food, good fun and good fellowship’ mean to you? 

GFGFGF has been a bit of a mantra for me. I think about this every time I sit down for a meal. What it does is remind me that every meal I have, & every friend I share it with is a gift. Being able to share in that gift with positive vibes, great conversation, and always a chance for a laugh (even over zoom) is often the best part of my day!

LSC&PH Values are Fun, Friendship, Belonging, Care and Acceptance. Which of these resonates the most to you and why?

The resounding value that I share with is absolutely my Somers friendships that have endured! For me, Somers friendships tie all the other great values together. It’s my Somers friends that create the most fun (often through controlled chaos), it’s that Somers fun that creates a sense of belonging, & it is that belonging that creates opportunities for us to care for ourselves, our friends, & for the community at large. And it’s through our wonderful interactions with each other & that great big wide world out there that enables acceptance. 

In five words, describe how LSC&PH has impacted you.

Somers brings me great joy!

Tell us how you are still involved in LSC&PH during the pandemic.

Apart from reading every No Rest News email and keeping a close eye on the many social channels that are available, I am sitting on the Child Safe Committee, and more recently supporting LSC&PH Leadership, the Board, and the Risk Committee by participating in the COVID Safe Project Control Team!