Meet a Member - Cath Spurritt - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Meet a Member – Cath Spurritt

We had a delightful chat with Cath, who has been a part of the Somers community since her Green Grouper days.

How has LSC&PH shaped you as a leader? 

I suppose it helped me to see that listening is a very important part of leadership, and that you can lead from so many different positions within a team, whether that be from the front, back or side. The LSC&PH community has given me lots of positive role models – especially women from Lady Somers Camp – who have shown me that leadership does not have to look one particular way.

What does ‘community’ mean to you after being involved with LSC&PH?

It’s about a feeling of belonging, and acceptance of self, and others, even when we are not at our most perfect (or well rested!). I think it is also about feeling trusted to be able to try things that you know are a stretch. Knowing you have a group of people around you who trust you and will support you while you are still figuring things out, knowing they will go buy all the chicken you need when you’re out. Supporting you when you fail to learn and grow from the experience.

How do you apply what you have learnt from LSC&PH into the ‘real world’?

My time within the organistaion has taught me to have a real bias for action (so do things, get it done, not just talk about it, take initiative), and how to serve others with enthusiasm and good humour. It’s also impressed upon me the importance of growing the next generation of emerging leaders, and mentoring them to take on new challenges in their professional lives as well.

In five words, describe how LSC&PH has impacted you. 

Empowered women empower women!

Why should people be involved in our programs? 

Cause they are great – duh!

More seriously, it’s because you take away as much as you put in. It is very reciprocal in terms of the energy you put in and the benefits you get out. You also get to hang out with the most wonderful humans! The best people in my life I met through LSC&PH. This community of humans are the best people.

Why do you continue to be involved in LSC&PH programs?

Again it comes back to the people you share these experiences with. The shared history of the organisation, the sense of belonging and companionship created, and the eager anticipation of what the future holds for such wonderful people in such a wonderful place.

Plus FOMO – such big FOMO all the time.