Make the Members Laugh In Lockdown – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Make the Members Laugh In Lockdown

With the intention of keeping the Somers spirit of mischief alive and well and in keeping with our 91 year tradition of donning a laughter launching costume, Camp Chef Cath is launching the weekly “Make the Lock Downed Members Laugh” competition.

Each Wednesday the Camp Chief and / or her nominated member will nominate the pic of the week for sharing in the weekly No Rest News. A very special prize will be awarded to the winner at the end of the 6 weeks!

Week 1: Innovation and creativity will be the order of the day given that we can’t access the wonderful array of costumes and props that Banana Alley normally provides us! So instead, it’s time to rummage through the wardrobe or Camp costume bags and send a selfie of yourself to

Congratulations to Mandy and Danj for winning the week 1 challenge with their re-enactment of Disney Mess Theme from Easter Camp of years gone by ‘Ugly Stepsisters’!

Week 2: Pinkies up this week, get a bit fancy and dig out your most extravagant Formal Mess outfit. Bonus points for matching your outfit and accessories in Camp colours! Send through your selfie or group application to