Light up lives this March – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Light up lives this March

“Did you hear about the fundraising thing LSC is doing in March?”
“Fundraising thing…?”
“Yeah. I think I might register. It’s called
Light Power or something.”

Uhhhh… close. It’s called “Power Up”. And you should definitely register. Here’s why:

Lord Somers Camp and Power House is connecting with six charities again to run a fundraiser that will bring about support and awareness for wellbeing, inclusion and empowerment programs. Funds raised will go towards participants to take part in programs like the ones our organisation runs, who otherwise may not be in a position to do so. And to help us keep doing what we do so well.

This fundraiser will be a lot like the Rock Around the World challenge of 2020. So what’s the same? It’s a movement-based challenge where you pick a goal and you seek out sponsors. And what’s different? Power Up will run over a month (28 Feb – 28 Mar) and this time, it’s about generating energy through your movement of choice. For example, a one hour walk generates the equivalent of 50KW. Therefore a goal to walk one hour a day for the challenge would be 1,400KW. Our aim is to use movement goals to light up lives – get it?

It’s been a lousy 12 months and we’re handing you a cheeky incentive to start moving again after lack of motivation and too much Netflix (no judgments). Or if you’re active already (good for you!), this is a great opportunity to make your fitness efforts count for double.

How to get involved

  • Head to the website and select LSC&PH as your charity
  • Sign up as an individual or pick a team to join – you can choose an existing team or create a new one. It’s time to get competitive for a cause
  • Choose a fundraising target and an energy goal
  • Get moving and log how much energy you create each day
  • Raise funds by sharing your progress and raving about LSC&PH the way Somers folks do best

Find out more and register at