Life-long learning programs

Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSC&PH) provides life-long learning programs for personal development, leadership, establishing connections across generations and helping people of all ages feel more connected to our community. These programs also aim to equip people with the skills to become leaders within LSC&PH and the community.


Theatre and Creative Arts Programs

We run a vibrant theatre and creative arts program to promote theatre as a means of nurturing a creative and connected community. The program also aims to achieve personal growth and build the capacity of people to produce and stage high quality theatre productions. Four productions are staged by the Power House Theatre Guild each year covering a variety of theatre genres.

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Power House Conversation Series

The Power House Conversation Series brings people together to listen, debate and be inspired and challenged on topical issues for society. It's also designed to inspire people to think and talk.

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Program: Power2Lead is a professional and personal development program. It focuses on developing skills, confidence and leadership capacities of men and women through a series of innovative and practical activities. The program addresses both personal and business effectiveness and identifies areas for growth, giving participants the tools to benefit their professional and personal lives. A program that helps people take the next step, not just in their professional life but also their personal life. Power2Lead is a formal development and mentoring program that guides participants through attaining their professional goals and how they can also have a profound impact in the community. The program addresses both personal and business effectiveness and identifies areas for growth, giving participants the tools to benefit their professional and personal lives.

Participants: Power2Lead is for professionals aged 35 to 55 years.

Time/Schedule: The program includes 1 weekend at Somers, with 3 Sunday Workshops at Albert Park (for 4 hours).

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Power House Leadership and Mentoring Program

Program: Provides practical professional and personal development learning for 25 to 35 year olds. The year-long program includes monthly forums with a keynote speaker. In addition there is a professional two-way mentoring program aimed at supporting young people in the workforce whilst also providing opportunities for older members to be skilled up in areas such as digital technology .

Participants: Professionals 25 to 35 years

Time/Schedule: 1 meeting per month for 12 months. The program will begin in July 2018 if there is enough interest

Cost: $100

Objectives: The participants:

  • are able to explore their talents and skills in a supportive environment

  • build capacity for reflection

  • feel that partnerships between young and older people within LSC&PH are supported

  • engage in activities that are fun and reinforce learning and social interaction

  • have opportunities to be listen to and to learn to listen to others

  • feel welcome to participate, regardless of culture, skill level, race, gender, sexuality or ability

  • have the opportunity to learn work and career related skills

  • are mentored by peers and adults

  • have a greater sense of belonging in the program and to LSC&PH

  • re-engage with LSC&PH from a diverse range of backgrounds

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Wellness Weekend

Program: This annual weekend program provides participants with an opportunity to learn and share various tools and techniques to empower them in the pursuit of health and wellbeing.  In a comfortable, safe flexible environment, the program covers nutrition, behaviour, mindfulness, exercise, positive psychology and stress-management..

The Participants: Anyone interested in improving their wellbeing

Time/Schedule: TBC


Founders' Day

The Program: Founders' Day is on in the City! Enjoy Founders' Day at William Angliss Insitute in the city. Come and enjoy a 3 course dinner with good food, fun and fellowship. During the night we will: Thanks and celebrate Mal Cater for his achievements as President and Camp Chief, thank and celebrate Fizz Dakin for her achievements as Lady Somers Camp Leader and hear the announcemen of the new President and Camp Chief and the Lady Somers Camp Leader. lunch is on at Somers.

The Participants: Members of LSCPH

Time/Schedule: TBC


Formalised Training Opportunties

The Program: We run formalised training programs throughout the year to ensure our program leaders uphold our duty of care to program participants across all our programs. These programs build the capacity of our leaders and develop skills that ensure the safety of all people in the programs. Examples of our courses include: Level 2 First Aid, Community Surf Lifesaving, Mental Health First Aid, Food Safety and Handling, Child Protection and Safeguarding Training, OHS and Sensitivity and Cultural Awareness training. 

Participants: Leaders in our community

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