Journal Article - Community Programs Leader update in June 2024 - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Journal Article – Community Programs Leader update in June 2024

Our first round of community programs has now been completed and marks a significant milestone in returning to our regular 4 camp program. The feedback is in and I am delighted to say that our 2024 camps so far have been a resounding success! With close to 200 participants and over 500 staff & volunteers, our collective efforts continue to foster positive change, growth and empowerment within our communities.

Over the past 9 months, the teams have tirelessly worked towards implementing innovative solutions to strategic reviews, fostering new collaborations and partnerships, setting new short/long term visions and creating impactful experiences for all involved. The commitment to our mission has been instrumental in driving positive outcomes and creating lasting impacts for participants across Victoria and further, with many participants stepping through the arches at camp this year for the first time.

We welcome all new members joining us for the first time through our flying squad departments, both returning groupers and first time staff. Your energy and willingness to take on new things and step into the world of LSC&PH is commendable. We hope that you continue to be involved in any of what LSC&PH has to offer into the future.

Central to the success of our programs has been the implementation of new resource sharing initiatives. By leveraging Microsoft Teams, we are currently moving towards a better way to plan our programs, communicate, collaborate and share knowledge. I would like to thank the office team for their support of the 4 camp execs, in helping and guiding this migration. If you have any documentation or files locked away on personal computers, etc. please send them to, so that we may add these to an ever growing resource database.

As we celebrate the conclusion of our Round A programs, I am excited to announce the appointment of new Camp Leaders, Simon Love (VSK) and Jess Napier (Atlas). We wish you all the best in leading these programs over the coming years. Both leaders bring with them a wealth of experience, passion, and fresh perspectives, which will further enrich our programs and drive growth. A congratulations to Georgie Johnstone and Daniel Kellett in completing their time as Camp Leaders, both navigating the Post-Covid landscape and re-engaging with communities to deliver a series of wonderful camps; we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

With Round B camps on the horizon, the 4 Camp Leaders and myself are eager to continue to build upon recent success, learn from our experiences, and grow these 4 incredible programs even further. If you would like to discuss anything, please reach out to me at, or give me a call on 0409939653.


Dan Kellett

Community Programs Leader