Come Volunteer

The focus of all our programs and activities is lead with a focus on breaking down diversity and building a more harmonious and tolerant society through service to others, and we’d love to have you involved in this mission.


First things first, if you’ve not yet taken a look through some of our programs that you might be interested in volunteering at, see a few program categories below.

We recommend taking a look through a list of community camps before building up to Big Camp or Member Camps.


Got a program in mind and ready to go?

That’s fantastic, now let’s get some paperwork in order such as your account registration and Working With Children’s Check (WWCC). This is very straight forward through clicking the button below and registering via our online portal.

We also recommend that you start coordinating your WWCC details through the government website. Click the “Apply for a WWCC” button below to get this started.

For any support you need, we’d be happy to help via email or phone.


Pack your bag and get ready for camp.

We’ll be there each step of the way to support you on your journey to volunteering with us and creating meaningful impact. Depending on the camp or program you’ve put yourself forward for, that particular camp leadership team will call you to ensure you have all you need to enjoy your volunteering experience.

If at all you want some more info, give us a call on 03 9510 7066 or email us.

Finally, be warned, you’re going to have a lot of fun!