From the Archives Team - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


From the Archives Team

On a recent trip to the Queensland, LSC&PH members Jean Bowes and Gwen Hutchinson (pictured) paid their respects at the 2nd 14th Australian Infantry Battalion Memorial at Yandina (near Coolum).

As many will know, Power House played an important role in World War II with many of its members serving alongside one another, including in the 2nd 14th Battalion.

The wording on the plaque reads:
2/14 Australian Infantry Battalion
Formed in Victoria in April 1940 and later joined by many Queenslanders camped on this site site.
11th May 1942 to August 1942
The battalion trained over a wide area to the coast and made many friends in the area. Between 16th August 1942 and 15th January 1943 the battalion fought on the Kokada Track and at Gona assisting to drive the Japanese out of Papua.
166 members of the battalion gave their lives in that campaign.