Founders Day 2024- A night of Somers Spirit! - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Founders Day 2024- A night of Somers Spirit!

Yesterday, the 20th of March saw an incredible celebration of our Founders’ and Lord Somers’ birthday! We cheered, laughed and played games alongside singing and heralding in new Lady Somers’ Camp Leader!

The night was a great hit with thanks to Joey Nankervis and Matisse Knight for hosting, Mel Ciardulli and Scott Mayer for organising and all our members to leaning in and enjoying themselves.

As we sat in the booked out venue, we also saw the baton of Lady Somers Camp Leader role being passed from Georgie Birch to Sophie Bowker! We wish to thank Georgie for her incredible years of service through some tough times for the organisation and the world. In honour of this service, the President and Camp Chief, Joel Masterson has presented her with an honorary life membership on behalf of the board.

We wish to congratulate Sophie Bowker (who has been working an incredible job as the Chef de Cuisine for the past few camps) for her new role and wish her all the luck and support for the next few incredible camps!

The revelry of the night was high through out the event- from the Slush being ever so helpful with everyone’s meals (no one had asked for assistance but everyone was glad for it) to playing a brand new Founder’s Day version of an iconic Camp Game!

We look forward to seeing everyone back again in a year’s time to celebrate Founders’ Day again!