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Big Camp Applicant Payments

Thank you for applying for Big Camp. To accept your position, please fill in whichever form is relevant below.

We deal with a very high volume of participants. Please ensure that you enter the participant's details to avoid any confusion.

One of the core values for Lord Somers Camp and Power House is that no one should miss out due to financial difficulties. Payment Plans and Sponsorship are available. 

Please contact the Lord Somers Camp and Power House office on 9510 7066 or email for further information

A. Sponsorship:

If you need to request sponsorship (from Lord Somers Camp & Power House) or if you have arranged sponsorship from an external organisation (i.e. Rotary Clubs, Schools, etc.) please follow the link below. 

Click here to fill out the Sponsorship form

B. Payment Plans:

Payment Plans can be used to pay fees for our programs  in smaller installments, at a rate that suits you. Payment plans are aimed to support applicants to still be able to participant in our programs through financial difficulty. 

Click here to fill out the Payment Plan form

C. Payment Form & Checkout:

If you are making a general payment (no sponsorship and upfront), please fill out these details, click 'Add to Cart' then the 'Checkout' pop-up:

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not check out, we will not receive your form....

PLEASE NOTE: Field will NOT accept symbols, for example $