Financial Update – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Financial Update

LSC&PH continues to manage our financial situation through this epidemic very closely and whilst it is difficult to predict definitive end to this period, there are some positive highlights on the horizon.

Through JobKeeper payments together with fundraising efforts and other government stimulus we have applied and had approval for, we have successfully maintained a neutral financial position. We have continued to hold expenses at a minimal levels to sustain our organisation whilst putting in a great deal of time working on future planning to slowly return revenue.

Our camp site has been awarded COVID Clean Business Accreditation by the Australia Tourism Industry Council, that comes with a detailed cleaning schedule and risk prevention measures which in turn has given our school clients great confidence. We are currently working with the education department following their announcement that school camps can resume based on the fact that these schools groups are contained to single schools and single year levels. We hope to continue to work towards a slow, safe and measured return to these school camps.