Finance committee member opportunity - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Finance committee member opportunity

Time Commitment:

· Monthly Zoom meetings and occasional in person

· Additional time for assigned tasks

· Ongoing engagement with members & programs


The Finance Committee is comprised of people who are actively involved in the implementation of Programs and Activities of the Association who also have a professional or general understanding and awareness of finance and accounting.

Responsibilities & Duties:

Including but not limited to:

· Reviewing the financial performance of the organisation as a whole, including cash flow, on a regular basis and providing a report to the Board of its findings;

· Having input to, and review of, the annual budgeting process as carried out by the CEO and the Chair of the Finance Committee including review of internal and external fees and subscriptions

· Review of annual insurance renewal process (including PL, Assets, Liabilities and Business Continuity);

· Have an oversight of proposed material purchases, capital works, investments, repairs and maintenance and the impact such spending will have on the financial performance of the organisation;

· Consideration of material financial risks to the organisation and oversight of the measures to be taken to manage or mitigate these risks;

· Ensure that disclosure is made and included in reports provided to the ASIC, ACNC, ATO and the appropriate Stakeholders;

· Together with the CEO implement effective controls that ensure compliance with, not only the Corporations Act and accounting standards of the AASB, but also any guidance statements by ASIC, ACNC and other controlling/regulatory bodies;

· Nominate the Auditors to the Board for approval;

· Review and approve the results of LSC & PH with the Auditors; and

· Approve the scope of work for the Auditors and provide a link between the Auditors and the Board whilst allowing the Auditors direct dealings with the Board, if that is felt necessary by the Auditors.


· Professional or general understanding and awareness of finance and accounting.

· Ability to collaborate within a team.

· Passion for community service and charity work.


· Contribute to the success of LSC&PH.

· Gain experience in managing not-for-profit finances

· Connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact.

If you are enthusiastic about finance, passionate about community engagement, and eager to contribute to a meaningful cause, we invite you to join our Finance Committee. To express your interest or for more info contact Tim Ryan (