Final push before Power Up – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Final push before Power Up

It might’ve been unseasonably cold for a February morning; we might’ve been coming off the mini lockdown of the week prior – but the spirit at the Inaugural Billy Cart Derby last Sunday couldn’t be dampened.

On Sunday 21 February, the participating charities from the 2021 Power Up Challenge gathered at Albert Park Lake to kick off the fundraiser’s very first pop up event. While originally planned to be considerably bigger, the circuit breaker lockdown and COVID restriction updates meant a downsized derby was in order. But hey, smiling through adversity is definitely not lost on folks from the not for profit sector these days, am I right?

With Power Up officially beginning the following weekend (now this weekend), there was no better time for a showdown between the charities taking part next month. Okay, showdown might be hamming it up a tad. The vibe was more laughs and lack of coordination with a smidge of friendly competition. And of course, this past year has taught us not to take those moments of good fun and fellowship for granted.

“After many many practice runs, we’re not actually sure who we could crown with the glory of taking out the Billy Cart Derby,” said Carly Smith, our Fundraising and Engagement Manager. “So in the spirit of the collaboration that is the Power Up Challenge, we can say that we are all winners. There was carnage, chaos and competitive spirit as the LSC&PH team of Stu, Imogen and William Douglas did us proud!”

Some local celebs also rocked up; Andrew McGrath (Essendon FC), Esma Voloder (Miss World Australia 2017) and Luke Breust (Hawthorn FC) came down to show their support for the new fundraiser. We were cautious not to damage our footballers, so they held the grand jobs of waving the Grand Prix chequered flag and sign holding, whilst the fiercely fun and competitive Esma Voloder took up the challenge of pushing the young Eve representing Brainwave. We are grateful for their enormous support in coming down to participating and chatting with the wave of media support the event attracted.

So why and how did this all come about? Carly tells us “It’s all about having fun and giving up your energy to support the Power Up Challenge in any way you like. You’ve got all of March to rack up those KiloWatts and maybe raise some fun (and funds) along the way”.

Through Power Up, we’re asking people to generate energy through their movement. Think step challenge with a twist. That twist being that you can run, walk, wheel, dance, cycle – you name it. We’re aiming to collectively create 500,000KW of energy through those efforts to light up lives of the communities we help.

Are you game? The demand for not for profit services is higher than ever at the moment, and will continue to be vital as we adapt to COVID normal. Most NFPs are implementing countless cost-saving strategies just to remain afloat through these exceptionally trying times. Lord Somers Camp and Power House is no exception. That’s why we’re calling on the LSC&PH family to get involved and register for Power Up. Simply put – we need your help.

You can jump onto to learn more about the seven participating charities and of course, to register!

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