Farewell Charles - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Farewell Charles

The end of 2021 brought with it the retirement of our dear friend and loyal team member of 20 years Charles Bayross.

As head chef, Charles consistently surpassed quality expectations as he prepared food for the many thousands of visitors to Somers. His commitment to his craft brought with it exceptional professionalism that shaped the wonderful reputation our social enterprise enjoys today.

Charles endeared himself with the entire team at Somers offering a healthy dose of quick wit and humour along with some brutal truths when the need called.

His knowledge went beyond the kitchen as Charles had a deep understanding of our site and handyman skills to match.

I personally will miss the daily conversations and coffee with my friend, advisor, role model and confidant but equally wish him all the very best life has to offer.

Thank you Charles – words will never be enough!

Words from Alex Escudero
Lord Somers Camp Manager