There are lots of ways to volunteer at one of our camps or activities, the biggest commitment is that of the planning committee and the Camp Leader. All of our planning committees are completely volunteer driven and lead, with some administrative support from our office team.

At our camps we have volunteers in many different roles and capacities, with opportunities for further leadership development should that be something you wish to take on. The departments required to fill each program can be:

  • Group Leading (supporting program participants directly)
  • Cooks (working in the kitchen preparing meals)
  • MSKO (the department that looks after cleaning and entertainment)
  • Activities (setting up and running of planned activities)
  • Media (collating a video and photographic record of the program)

Our volunteers on camp are supported by their direct Head of Department, and also the overarching Executive Team comprised of the Staff Coordinator, Participant Coordinator, Executive Officer and Camp Leader. This executive team’s role is to also take care of logistics of the weekend, and to support volunteers and camp participants in having the best time possible.