Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSC&PH) has a zero tolerance toward child / client abuse and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its Employees, Members, Visitors, Volunteers, Program Participants and particularly for Children and Vulnerable People.

LSC&PH supports and respects children, staff and volunteers. LSC&PH is committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, and those from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children and clients living with a disability.

We have strategies in place which can be found in our:

We have many volunteer opportunities available throughout the year at our programs and camp often run out of our Somers Campsite on the Mornington Peninsula.

If you are passionate about helping others, love working in a team, want to learn more skills and can donate your time - You can register your interest to become a volunteer by completing an application form here.

We have a comprehensive Client Protection Policy which guides our volunteer recruitment process so that we can find the right volunteers who share our values and culture of a Child Safe Organisation.

To volunteer at our programs, after submitting a complete application, we require a valid Working With Children’s Check (or equivalent) and a reference.

For more information on what opportunities are available or how the volunteer process works, please speak to our team on 03 9510 7066 or info@lordsomerscamp.org.au

There are lots of ways to volunteer at one of our camps or activities, the biggest commitment is that of the planning committee and the Camp Leader. All of our planning committees are completely volunteer driven and lead, with some administrative support from our office team.

At our camps we have volunteers in many different roles and capacities, with opportunities for further leadership development should that be something you wish to take on. The departments required to fill each program can be:

  • Group Leading (supporting program participants directly)
  • Cooks (working in the kitchen preparing meals)
  • MSKO (the department that looks after cleaning and entertainment)
  • Activities (setting up and running of planned activities)
  • Media (collating a video and photographic record of the program)

Our volunteers on camp are supported by their direct Head of Department, and also the overarching Executive Team comprised of the Staff Coordinator, Participant Coordinator, Executive Officer and Camp Leader. This executive team’s role is to also take care of logistics of the weekend, and to support volunteers and camp participants in having the best time possible.

Lord Somers Camp and Power House is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We stand by our values of: Fun, Friendship, Trust, Care and Belonging. We ensure our volunteers are respected and treated equitably, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, political, religious beliefs, physical ability, family status, age or sexual preference.

Yes, you can volunteer! There is no restriction based on location for people to volunteer at Lord Somers Camp and Power House. If you can make it to the location of the program being held (typically Somers, VIC), and are able to satisfy the requirements set in our Client Protection Policy we look forward to hearing from you.

Our volunteers need to be fit and able to perform tasks of the volunteer role applied for. Some volunteer roles can be physically demanding, especially at our Camps.

Lord Somers Camp and Power House has a strong culture of safety and wellbeing. The health and wellbeing of our people is the utmost importance to us, so if you have limitations but still want to help please discuss options with a member of our team on 03 9510 7066 or info@lordsomerscamp.org.au

We prefer our volunteers to be a minimum of 18 years of age, however there are volunteer opportunities for those under 18 years too. Contact our team to find out more about upcoming volunteer opportunities on 03 9510 7066 or info@lordsomerscamp.org.au

The time and commitment required varies depending on the role applied for. Generally, the commitment is for the program applied for which typically run from Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon out of our Somers Campsite.

For administration volunteers we are flexible in commitment to suit individual needs.

There is a fee associated with volunteering at Camps and Programs run by Lord Somers Camp and Power House. However, we believe that nobody should be disadvantaged due to financial difficulties, so there are payment plans and subsidised places available if required.

We cannot guarantee places on the camps but all applications will be considered equally after the closing date (usually 3 weeks out from the program start).  Please be aware that we have capped places on each camp which has been determined based on ratios and levels of engagement.

Those who are able to complete all requirements will be given preference to the program. Requirements for volunteers include:

All applicants will be notified of the status of their application within ten days of the closing date. Successful applicants will also receive a confirmation email with further information on expectations.

The volunteer application period is typically open for 4 weeks, the closing dates are noted in our calendar.

We provide training opportunities throughout the year which are available to our active volunteers.

For all volunteers attending a program for the first time there will be a first year meeting run prior to the program which is a mandatory requirement.

There are programs running year-round, you can see the full calendar here.

Yes! Finding opportunities to create a meaningful, fun and unique partnership with organisations is something we love to do. Get in touch with our team to see how we can develop a mutually beneficial relationship on 03 9510 7066 or info@lordsomerscamp.org.au