Cracked Actors presents 'Secret Expedition' - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Cracked Actors presents ‘Secret Expedition’

Secret Expedition is set in a
private club where five spies
meet, incognito, without knowing
who is comrade and who is foe.
A secret operation. Mind games.
Word plays. Deaths?

Fortunately, Cracked Actors have offered a discount to all LSC&PH members. The performance dates are as follows:

Wednesday 26th October 7.30 PM

Thursday 27th October 7.30 PM

Friday 28th October 7.30 PM

Saturday 29th October 1:00 PM

Saturday 29th October 3.30 PM

This show is suitable for ages 10 & over. To claim the LSC&PH member discount, use the promo code LSCPHTIE. To book tickets, click here!