COVID Safe Updates from our President & Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


COVID Safe Updates from our President & Camp Chief

Lord Somers Camp and Power House is committed to keeping our attendees and wider community safe at all programs and activities. With this in mind, our President & Camp Chief, Cath Dillon, sheds some light on a few aspects of COVID Safe program planning.

COVID Safety Project Team

The Board has convened a focussed COVID Safety Project Team (Cath Dillon, Tim Ryan, Steph Ingram, Charles Bowes & Vikki Deak) who are meeting regularly and working with the leaders in the PandA Committee to roll out new risk management planning tools and processes.

Program Contingency Planning 

Following the successfully safe running of the MAX program, planning is well underway for similar COVID Safe Planning for member and community camps that are hopefully commencing again in scaled down forms in September. Similar contingency planning is taking place for scaled down Big Camps for January 2022.  

This detailed contingency planning is being undertaken to the highest safety standards that are customary to the way we as proud LSC&PH members always strive to care for each other and those we serve. The scaled down and modified programs are influenced by many regulatory factors such as density quotients along with expert safety advice regarding infection control. 


The risk environment will gradually change as the vaccination rate increases so those of us who are eligible can show our care for each other and all those around us by taking up the opportunity to be vaccinated as soon as we become eligible to do so. I had my second Astra Zeneca shot today and know that many other eligible members have also taken the opportunity to be vaccinated. By doing so we each help to protect those who are not yet eligible for vaccination or have complex health concerns. 

Prevailing Somers Spirit 

My deepest gratitude is extended to the staff, leaders and members who are devoting so many hours to planning the required program adaptations.  They are doing so much work with such patience, care and cautious optimism even whilst knowing that we are living in times where all plans are subject to modification or cancellation. All planning depends on the COVID infections in our community and associated public health directions leading into every program or event.  

Bravo to the spirit, understanding and commitment of all those leaders, staff and members for prevailing in true Somers spirit.