Committee Member Opportunity - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Committee Member Opportunity

Risk and Child Safety Committee (RACC)

Time Commitment:

  • Monthly Zoom meetings and occasional in person
  • Additional time for assigned tasks
  • Ongoing engagement with members & programs


As a Risk and Child Safety Committee Member, you will play a crucial role in advocating for a culture that minimises and reduces risk to all who participate in LSC&PH programs. Providing oversight and approval of the organisations’ risk management frameworks, relevant training and all child safety related requirements.


  • Assist the Board in implementing a risk management framework within which all members will identify, assess, and arrange for appropriate treatment of the association’s risk.  The RACC will not become the risk owner of any risks
  • Assist the Board in implementing all child safety related requirements
  • Assist the Board in implementing all Occupational Health & Safety requirements
  • Assist as relevant in the implementation of any relevant learning and development
  • Provide risk management advice to the Board, CEO and committees 
  • Advocate for Child Safe & Risk Culture 
  • Identify / triage risks for consideration and management 
  • Oversight and approval of risk management framework, risk appetite and risk tolerances 
  • Review and approve Risk Management Framework 
  • Review, debate, and approve risk appetite and tolerances 
  • Monitor risks and risk management strategies 
  • Monitor compliance to risk appetite and tolerances 
  • Monitor material risks, including emerging ones 
  • Help bring independent judgement to risks 
  • Deliver a deep dive on significant risks if required 
  • Act as an escalation point of significant incidents and breaches 
  • Review, Identify and triage reported risks
  • Identify trends
  • Review & recommend to the Board for endorsement appropriate policies to manage risks 


  • Desirable skills include experience with risk, workplace safety and child safe standards
  • Ability to collaborate within a team.
  • Passion for community service and charity work.


  • Contribute to the success of LSC&PH.
  • Gain experience in managing and mitigating organisational risk and ensuring a safe environment for all engaged parties
  • Connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact.

If you are enthusiastic about risk and child safety, passionate about community engagement, and eager to contribute to a meaningful cause, we invite you to join our Risk and Child Safe Committee.

To express your interest or for more info contact and