Commitment to Child Safety

Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSCPH) Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

We at Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSCPH) are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of children, aligning with the 11 Child Safe Standards established as compulsory minimum requirements for all organisations in Victoria that provide services to individuals under the age of 18.

LSCPH maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards child abuse and all forms of harm directed at children. We are committed to:

  • Responding promptly and thoroughly to reports of child abuse.
  • Ensuring that all staff, contractors, and volunteers are well-informed about relevant laws, organisational policies and procedures, and adhere to the organisation’s Code of Conduct.
  • Raising awareness among all adults within the LSCPH community about their obligation to report suspected child abuse, in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that all staff, contractors, and volunteers understand and observe the Code of Conduct, particularly as it pertains to child safety.
  • Providing ongoing support and training for staff, contractors, and volunteers to fulfill their child safety responsibilities.

If you have any feedback regarding our child safety & client protection policies or need to report an incident or make a complaint, please contact Lord Somers Camp and Power House through our CEO at or complete a Child Safe Report here.

LSCPH is also committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, maintaining a dedication to Indigenous reconciliation.

In case of an emergency child safety incident, please prioritise reporting the matter by calling ‘000’.

Our zero tolerance towards child abuse.

Lord Somers Camp and Power House has a zero tolerance toward child / client abuse and is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its Employees, Members, Visitors, Volunteers, Program Participants and particularly for Children and Vulnerable People.

Find out more about children’s rights and what to do if you notice something that isn’t quite right.

We have a strategic approach to our programs and activities aims to recognise the whole person across physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental dimensions, and that opportunities for empowerment and development should be available for everyone.