CEO without access to own building - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


CEO without access to own building

Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSC&PH) CEO, Tim Ryan has lived with MS for over a decade and uses a wheelchair to keep up with life. Tim passionately contributes towards an organisation that volunteers and supports some of our communities most vulnerable whilst also inspiring many young leaders to be empowered to make a difference.

Sadly though, for Tim, access to his workspace is off limits on days his MS restricts him to his wheelchair as the 1960’s built community hub is completely inaccessible.

Situated on Albert Park lake as far back as 1932, Power House has been a collection of health and wellbeing groups from rowing, theatre and entertainment whilst also delivering social enterprise revenue for its sustainable community programs for many young Victorians.

Mr Ryan says – “This building has given so much to the community over many decades however we now continually chase our tale with increasing maintenance, patching leaks, repairing safety concerns and sadly turn many away due to its inaccessibility”.

As frustrated as Mr Ryan is without being able to join his colleagues’ upstairs, he is even more so when he sees many community groups being turned away due to the building’s limitations. “our volunteer lead community programs are focused on connecting and celebrating diversity, however at the moment we’re forced to add an exclusion as not everyone can join in due to their accessibility requirements.”

Thankfully, there are plans in place to provide this community asset a renewed life with a $19.6m major refurbishment planned.

The Power House plans to commence works later this year after confirming $5m commonwealth funding plus $7m through philanthropy and community loans. It is hoped with further philanthropic support together with commitments from the state government to bridge the difference this community asset will be secured for many decades to come.