Celebrating 90 years at Open Day - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Celebrating 90 years at Open Day

This Sunday, March 31, Lord Somers Camp and Power House hosted our 90th Celebration Open Day Festival, putting on a day of fun and excitement. Despite the trying wet weather conditions, the guests were entertained throughout the day, as special performances in the Terrace area from the Slush Brothers Band, Mike Bowers Blue Experience and Lil’ Airplanes had the crowd up and dancing. The Slush Brothers Band provided some smooth tunes for the audience, presenting yet another enjoyable act for the Somers community. Alternatively, the Mike Bowers Blues Experience all the way from Myrtleford, put on a show for the crowd, which was quickly followed by Lil’ Airplanes who rocked out on the mainstage. These performances led to the aisles of the Outdoor Theatre to be full of dancing kids and adults, as they the beat proved too hard to resist.

Meanwhile, throughout the day, there were many family friendly activities such as a jumping castle, face painting and crate stacking at the multi-purpose court. The highlight of these activities was witnessing the amazing work of one of the young kids who managed to elevate to 15 crates high, almost bursting through the roof of the multipurpose court! The kids swarmed around the phenomena of the jumping castle, ultimately providing them with endless excitement and fun. The Coltman Hut was also a frequently visited place, as the video and photography slideshows provided great Big Camp memories for the 2019 groupers, Slush and volunteers.

And somehow, amidst the in-climate weather, Rick and Liz Burman, along with John Lavery, facilitated tours around Lord and Lady Somers Camp, showing off the various hidden gems of the campsite. Of course, Rick Burman’s 2-hour tour ensured that every part of the campsite was explored, leaving no space undiscovered or unseen.

Ultimately, the Open Day Festival, despite the inclemency of the season and the barbarity of the weather, provided a fun and exciting day for all who attended.