Capturing the Detail – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Capturing the Detail

Exciting progress is happening at Power House today with state of the art technology capturing every millimetre of the existing building.

CEO, Tim Ryan says: “With the disappointment of the state budget behind us, we are really excited to be moving forward with action towards saving Power House, as this project is far too important for the community to simply lay idle”.

LARKi, a Melbourne based 3D surveying and modelling company have been awarded the work of progressing the detailed building survey. The use of 3D point cloud allows LARKi to completely capture the building in detail which in turn will allow John Wardle architects to bring the conceptual ideas into a fully detailed schematic design.

Simon Cookes, CEO and Co-founder of LARKi through his younger years has visited the Power House building regularly, often participating in rowing through his time with Wesley College. Cookes says “This building is iconic in Melbourne and we are delighted to be conducting the survey works to soon support the refurbishment of the space to allow it to breathe fresh life”.

“We also recognise the community work that comes from Power House and have on this basis provided part pro-bono support as we place a strong emphasis on this in our own company”, Cookes said.

Following this survey, Power House expects to have a more detailed future plan of the space and are looking forward to engaging locals and community members to participate in a community consultation phase, before presenting to state and local government for funding commitment.