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Are you 16-18 years ready for a thrilling, challenging, deeply fun and rewarding experience, then you should apply for Lord or Lady Somers Camp today!


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Each year 100 carefully selected participants are invited to attend either: Lord Somers Camp for young men, male identifying or non binary youth, or Lady Somers Camp for young women, female identifying or non binary youth.

Collectively known as Big Camp, these two weeks form the premier programs of LSC&PH, operating since 1929 to provide a mosaic of experiences that are exciting, full on and non-stop.

The aim of Big Camp is to challenge the perspectives that young people hold about themselves and others. Through introducing 100 young men and 100 young women to a broad range of peers, we help dismantle social barriers through an increased understanding and acceptance of diversity.


How to APPLY to be ONEIN100


Applicants must be between 16.5-18 years and available to attend their relevant program in full.


A nomination questionnaire identifies a potential applicant that would benefit from the Big Camp experience. This is completed by someone like a teacher, coach, supervisor or mentor.


The young person completed an application for either Lord or Lady Somers Camp


LSC&PH uses Operoo to securely manage medical information. A profile must be completed with the relevant support plans included.


The application and nomination questionnaires are reviewed by the Lord and Lady Somers Camp planning committees.


Places are offered to successful applicants in early November. Due to program oversubscription a wait list will be managed and further places will be offered as they become available.


How can I choose the right person to nominate?

Big Camp is targeted at young people aged between 16 and 18 years of age at the program. Each camp runs for a week, Lord Somers Camp is for young men, male identifying or non binary youth, and Lady Somers Camp is for young women, female identifying or non binary youth. A key objective of Big Camp is to bring together participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences together for a week to challenge their perspectives.

Each year we increasingly receive an overwhelming amount of applications for Big Camp. When referring young people to the application form we ask that you consider an individual who has:

  • Availability to attend the week in full
  • Motivation to be challenged both physically and mentally to have their perspectives changed
  • an open mind
  • The willingness to learn about themselves as an individual
  • Untapped leadership potential

Ready to nominate someone?


Big Camp offers an experience you will not find anywhere else. Vanilla buzz words like rewarding or worthwhile are beyond an understatement.

In one week, alongside 99 other participants, you will tackle engaging activities you’ve never experienced, hear from inspirational speakers, learn loads about yourself and from those around you, and you will become an essential part of one of the closest-knit teams you will ever find. Oh, and did we mention it’s seriously fun?

Young people who attend Big Camp:

  • Create close and long-lasting friendships.
  • Build leadership skills and expand the way they think.
  • Develop more confidence, resilience, and a capacity to mindfully take on future challenges.
  • Gain a meaningful sense of belonging to a larger community.
  • Have fun. We might have mentioned this already.

Apply for the best experience for yourself today!

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Big Camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a young person. The program has been running for over 90 years and has seen thousands of participants depart the campsite as more confident and connected individuals.

“[Lord Somers Camp] is a wonderful, supportive environment for young people to challenge themselves beyond what they thought they were capable of.” -Participant parent

The skilled leaders who run Big Camp create a safe space where participants are supported to go beyond their comfort zone and take on new experiences. The challenges embedded into the Big Camp program are carefully considered and are the result of years of experience in creating a big impact in a positive way.

Young people who attend Big Camp:

  • Have a more positive sense of self, and a capacity to mindfully take on future challenges.
  • Develop resilience and learn through meeting peers from different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Create close and long-lasting friendships.
  • Gain a meaningful sense of belonging to a larger community.
  • Have opportunities to return to future community programs and give back as a volunteer.
  • Become part of a network of individuals with unique and varied vocations and experiences.

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What is the cost?

The cost of Big Camp is $576 for each participant. Scholarships are available for full or part fee subsidies.

This fee need not be a deterrent to nominating someone. Lord Somers Camp and Power House believes no one should be denied involvement in our programs due to financial disadvantage, especially with the effects of COVID still being felt by so many within the broader community. For this reason, payment plans, and sponsorship are available. Please contact the office for further information on these options.

Ideal participants:

We want to hear from you, if you are:

  • Aged between 16 and 18 years of age (at the time of the program)
  • Available to attend the full week-long program
  • Willing to take on physical challenges
  • Open to being pushed outside your comfort zone
  • Ready to learn about yourself and others

All applications will be assessed on an individual basis bearing in mind the mix of applicants, for example, those from similar locations and schools. We strive to bring together a diverse range of participants, taking into consideration geographical location, school or industry, age and cultural background.

The program objectives:

At Lord Somers Camp and Power House we take pride in the outcomes of our programs, you can read more about our core indicators and results in our Program Quality Framework.

  • Participants work as teams and in partnership with others to achieve goals.
  • Participants build self-esteem, leadership skills and interpersonal relationships across diverse groups.
  • Participants feel welcome to participate, regardless of culture, skill level, race, gender, sexuality or ability