What is Big Camp?

Each January 200 carefully selected participants are invited to attend either Lord Somers Camp for young men and Lady Somers Camp for young women (collectively known as Big Camp). These two weeks form the premier programs of LSC&PH, operating since 1929 to provide a mosaic of experiences that are exciting, full on and non-stop.

The aim of Big Camp is to challenge the perspectives that young people hold about themselves and others. Through introducing 100 young men and 100 young women to a broad range of peers, we help dismantle social barriers through an increased understanding and acceptance of diversity. Throughout the challenging week participants’ work together to compete as a team, push their boundaries and develop friendships. Leaving with a greater understanding of their own and others’ potential, participants gain new insights into how they can make a positive impact on their communities.

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How can I choose the right student?

Big Camp is targeted at young men and women who are between 16.5 and 18 years of age when at camp. A key objective of Big Camp is to bring together participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences together for a week to challenge their perspectives.

Each year we increasingly receive an overwhelming amount of applications for Big Camp. When referring young people to the application form we ask that you consider an individual who has:

Availability to attend the week in full

Lord Somers Camp 5-12 Jan | Lady Somers Camp 13-19 Jan

Motivation to be challenged both physically and mentally to have their perspectives changed.
An open mind.
The willingness to learn about themselves as an individual.
Untapped leadership potential.




What is the appliction process?

Applications for Big Camp 2019 are currently closed. Please contact the Lord Somers Camp Leader or Lady Somers Camp Leader for more information or get in touch with our office on the details below.

Contact: e. info@lordsomerscamp.org.au  |  p. 9510 7066


What's next?

Application form
CareMonkey profile
Referee nominated







You can assist the young person by ensuring they have completed the application form in advance of the cut-off date and list you as a referee in their application form.

What is the cost?

The week long camp is $575

One of the core values for Lord Somers Camp and Power House is that no one should miss out due to financial difficulties. We encourage Payment Plans and Sponsorship if there are any issues with payment, please contact us to discuss.

 The program objectives:

At Lord Somers Camp and Power House we take pride in the outcomes of our programs, you can read more about our core indicators and results in our Program Quality Framework.

Participants work as teams and in partnership with others to achieve goals.

Participants build self-esteem, leadership skills and interpersonal relationships across diverse groups.

Participants feel welcome to participate, regardless of culture, skill level, race, gender, sexuality or ability.

Contact: e. info@lordsomerscamp.org.au  |  p. 9510 7066