Big Camp Returning, BRAVO! – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Big Camp Returning, BRAVO!

As we continue to prepare for our return to programs and are slowly making a positive return to life, we are beyond excited for the return of the upcoming Big Camp.

The return of Big Camp is truly a momentous milestone moment that we need to pause, take a moment, and celebrate. It is only through the exceptional commitment and dedication of our hard-working members that this moment is even possible. The events of the past few years have tested our resilience, to which the LSC&PH community has (unsurprisingly) risen to the occasion, worked incredibly hard, and set us up for our safe return to programs.

Underpinning this work has been many life-changing contributions made over the past little while from our generous donors. These donations are already being put to good use delivering incredible impact supporting those who would otherwise be unable to attend camp.

We know that the last few years have been extremely challenging for everyone affecting us all in different ways, so is beyond incredible to be able to deliver support to those who truly need it right now. We are so fortunate to be on the receiving end of delighted young people forever grateful for the opportunity to come to camp, with thanks to the support of these generous individuals.

So to everyone who has played a role in bringing Big Camp back, bravo! And it’s not too late to get involved, if you want to volunteer on staff, please reach out today!

The count is on #letthegamesbegin

If you are interested in supporting young people to come to camp, please consider a gift here: