Big Camp 2024 Volunteer Call out - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Big Camp 2024 Volunteer Call out

Text reads- Have you been a grouper? Do you have spare time? Big Camp 2024 needs YOU!- soft yellow background

Big Camp is just around the corner in the new years, and we’re all hands on deck with preparations for the new groupers, members and camp chaos.

We know and understand that a lot of you might be busy during the two week period- probably taking an extended break, probably starting work on those new year resolutions or pet sitting and unable to get away. But you still want to be a part of Big Camp?

We’ve got you- we’re now calling out for volunteers who might assist us in the lead up to the camps from now!

So if you’re keen to see how you can help Big Camp 2024 be a roaring success- Click Here !

Here’s Matt Bowker telling you how you can be a part of our Big Camps 2024-