Big Announcement - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Big Announcement

Founders Day was a huge milestone for many reasons this year. It was a great opportunity to reflect on yet another turbulent 12 months that has seen some of the most important acts of service through many of our members, it was also a great way for many of us to connect in person with those we’ve been volunteering with through the world of zoom.

The day wasn’t only just a great opportunity of celebration and connection, however it was also the marking of a change of President and Camp Chief, one of the biggest milestones within our calendar.

After 5 incredible years, Cath Dillon was on stage giving a very fitting speech that was filled with grace and emotion and subsequently left not a dry eye amongst those who were witness. Soon after, Cath had a very important final role to play, and that was announcing her successor.

Passing the batten was made easy with the knowledge the recipient is highly deserving and skilled to take on the honour. A standing ovation was given to Joel Masterson, who humbly took the President & Camp Chief role from Cath.

We all wish Joel the very best as he takes on this role and we remain excited to say ‘Yes’ to committing to service to others with a underlining commitment of fun.