Being Resilient - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Being Resilient

The marathon that is APAG is nearing the end and whilst for many on the APAG committee it feels more like
an ultra-marathon; we’re optimistic about the months ahead. COVID-19 has reminded us of the valuable
lessons of being resilient and to keep persevering. APAG has allowed us to focus on working together towards
supporting the recovery efforts for not just immediate job creation from our community hub project, but more so to
create an overwhelming need for community connection, engagement, mental health and wellbeing. Our APAG
vision aims to deliver access for all, for decades to come, and the pandemic has only elevated this need.

We continue to receive incredible support from LSC&PH friends such as Lindsay Fox, the new Mayor at City of
Port Phillip, and the many community-based organisations either already working with us at Power House or abroad.
The chorus of approval for our refurbishment is exciting and whilst there is still some way to go, we continue to
focus our efforts towards the State Government to provide financial support to the project.

We’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to our Power House Project Advocates, who have supported
Tim over the last few months and volunteered their time to meet with Minister Martin Foley, Josh Burns MP, and
Senator James Paterson to name a few. To Rachel Chen (2018 LightBlue), James Holland (2014 Dark Blue), Joseph Alkarra (2017 Red), Mehdi Panahzadeh (2016 Staff) who were able to tell your own stories of the importance of LSC&PH – thank you.

Whilst things are progressing well, we still need your help with influence and advocacy towards the importance of Power House and the programs that are delivered within it. This project has huge potential impact to support many
organisations that need us more than ever, so if you have any contacts with Government, please contact Tim at the office.

Claire Sime – Chair of Albert Park Advisory Group