Be Deadly recognised in HART awards! – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Be Deadly recognised in HART awards!

Congratulations to Isaac and Be Deadly for being the recipients of a HART award with Reconciliation Victoria!

The HART Awards (Helping Achieve Reconciliation Together), launched in 2014, recognise initiatives by local governments and community organisations that are advancing reconciliation in Victoria. Reconciliation Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association work in partnership to present the awards.

The Be Deadly program is a great milestone for our organisation as we continue to work toward reconciliation and greater outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

What is Be Deadly @ Somers?

Lord Somers Camp and Power House (LSC&PH) through a partnership with the Be Deadly organisation, runs the Be Deadly Camp initiative. This program is focused in the development of the skills of young Indigenous children in order to enable them to achieve new heights in their lives. LSC&PH Camp Leader and “Be Deadly” founder, Isaac Young, founded the program after identifying a need in the community to foster a greater connection to Aboriginal culture.

The Be Deadly Camp program aims to strengthen our participant’s personal, social and community connection to their own culture while using their own culture as a framework for learning. Run by Indigenous leaders, the program is organised by a dedicated group of volunteers who provide meaningful community engagement for the children, while enabling them to grow their peer support network.

Our volunteers at the Be Deadly program come from an array of both Indigenous and non- Indigenous backgrounds and all contain a passion and enthusiasm for engaging our kids in Aboriginal culture. Helping run the program are experienced teachers, nurses and Indigenous educators who are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for everyone.

As many young Indigenous people face innumerable hurdles in order to succeed in life, LSC&PH and the Be Deadly program focuses on delivering outcomes of reconciliation. As a result of our programs, many attendees report a fresh connection to their culture and Aboriginal heritage.

Our leader Isaac’s strong ties to the Indigenous community and previous work at the Jindi Woraback Reconciliation Groups has given him a wealth of experience when it comes to the hiring of experienced and conscious minded volunteers. Through his leadership we have increased numbers of Indigenous heritage volunteers participating every year.

LSC&PH and Be Deadly are committed to increase Indigenous representation and participation in the organisation. The program’s target audience represents Indigenous Australians at a School level of years 7 and 8. Many of these young people participating at the Camps maintain a strong involvement with the organisations, taking part in the future Camps LSC&PH has to offer and in the future become Camp Leaders and volunteers themselves.

Be Deadly @ Somers was launched in 2018 with the second Camp running in October 2019 with primarily 80 young people aged 13-15 years old from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds and 100 young LSC&PH volunteers.

The program promotes social connectedness and creates a sense of belonging and identity to help all participants strengthen their personal, social and community connection to culture. These benefits will extend to friends and families of the 160 program participants and their broader communities. The program also promotes friendships and mutual understanding amongst multicultural youth and volunteer staff which in turn leads to greater tolerance and social cohesion.