Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 6) – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 6)

While our event has been rescheduled for November, we have one final group of artists to introduce for our 2021 Art of Power House exhibition. It’s not necessarily that we’ve left the best for last, but we’re certainly finishing up with some great talent! Let’s meet Danj, Dylan, Beth and Jackson.


What better way to bookend our
Meet the Artists series than with Danj Beadman, co-curator (along with Andre Sardone) of the inaugural 2019 Art of Power House exhibition and instrumental in organising the event ever since.

Danj has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Drawing Major, completing her studies in 1987 at the Victorian College of the Arts. Danj has been part of a few small exhibitions, sold a number of drawings and as a student won an art competition with her work being acquired by Australian Artist and three-time winner of Australia’s Archibald Prize, Clifton Pugh.

For the 2021 Art of Power House exhibition Danj wanted to help celebrate the 90th anniversary of Lord Somers Camp by drawing the historical Somers Bridge from the 60s-70s. The drawing took roughly 3 days to research and 4 days to finish.

In her professional life, Danj works as a Design and Production manager for a content marketing company.

Danj began coming to Easter Camps at the age of 12 and attended Lady Somers Camp in 1987 as the first Slushee Runner, assuming the role of Slushee Duchess from 1992 – 1994. Danj has thus been involved in the association for over 35 years. During this time she has been an Aglu and Group Leader, was also involved with Very Special Kids Camps, the Clubs Ball, the Pantomime and has been on several Power House committees, helping initiate both the emPOWERme Program and the Power House Netball Club.

Danj is a graduate of the inaugural POWER2LEAD Program and was honoured to be Lady Somers Camp Leader from 2009-2011.

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Dylan’s love for art began at a young age, distracted in most classes except the ones he could build and create.

In the early 2000s, he got his first computer and included on it was a new shiny alternative to MS Paint – Adobe Photoshop. Dylan spent the next two decades altering photos and digital painting alongside his traditional arts studies in school. Eventually Dylan discovered the world of graphic design and went on to major in it at the Australian Academy of Design. 

Over this time, he became increasingly enamoured with all things spooky and scary. Coupled with his bright, fun personality and love of games, these two themes blurred together to create an obsession for Halloween. 

In 2013 Dylan was diagnosed with Crohns Disease. The need to adapt his life to this influenced his view on the world and subsequently his art as he battled chronic illness and surgeries.

The themes of escapism, fantasy and horror come together for the Art of Power House Exhibition this year, in which Dylan includes several digital paintings based on the world inside his head that yearns to break free.

Dylan was first introduced to Somers in 2016 through Camp Diversity thanks to then Camp Leader, Vikki Deak, and has since also attended MAX Camp and the final Big Camp before lockdown.

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Instagram: @Deeran_Moo


Beth has been creative from a young age with passions in music and art and has carried those throughout her life. 

In VCE (2013), Beth completed a Visual Arts unit where she was able to explore and learn about media, subjects, theory, and much more. She discovered a love for photography, oil pastels, watercolour, paints, and sketching. Beth ended up combining her two passions of music and art together and submitting 3 realistic oil pastel artworks of the insides of pianos. Two of these artworks were later accepted into Top Arts and displayed in the NGV early in 2014. 

Beth has continued to explore different media and subjects for her artwork and enjoys a range of styles such as line work, watercolour, and embroidery. Beth mostly creates artworks for her family and friends just as a hobby, however, she has done several pieces that have been sold around the world. She had particular fun creating a collection of watercolour Christmas cards in 2020 and sold them via her Instagram and Facebook pages.

For the Art of Power House this year, Beth has included examples of each of her preferred styles: watercolour paintings, line-art pieces, and a paint/embroidery mixed media artwork. 

Beth first came to Camp in 2014 as a Dark Blue Grouper and has been coming to Big Camps and community camps every year since, including MAX Camp in 2015. She has volunteered in cooks, child minding, photography, group leading has helped at outreach projects such as a tree planting day at Somers.

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Facebook: Bee’s Art


Jackson is a Year 11 student at Wesley College (Glen Waverley) where he is studying art as a key part of his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. The IB program is allowing Jackson avenues to explore a range of mediums and styles.

Starting from a young age drawing his environment, Jackson grew up to appreciate architecture, sculpture, industrial design and man-made mediums and forms. 

Artists, architects and designers that inspire Jackson include Romon K Yang, Sybil Andrews, Theophile Steinlen, Brian Donelly, Hoda Afshar, Raf Simons, Olaf Eliasson, Bjarke Ingels, KATSU, The Heidelberg School and any and every name written, pasted, stuck or engraved on the streets of Melbourne.

Borrowing inspirations from graffiti, wheat paste art, stickers, textiles and posters, Jackson’s body of work revolves around print media and image transfer at larger scale. 

Jackson has been coming to Camp his whole life – especially to Easter Camps – with a strong family history of participation starting with his grandfather in 1950. Since then his uncles, father, grandmother and mother have all followed. As his next LSC&PH involvement Jackson is hoping – as long as his nomination is successful and restrictions don’t impede (!) – to go to Big Camp in January 2022.

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Instagram: @Jackson.5555555