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Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 4)

We’re meeting a couple of artists taking on some pretty different mediums this week. Let’s meet Sam, creator of shadow puppets, and Lyn, a skilled cardmaker.

Dr Sam Bowker is a Senior Lecturer in Art History and Visual Culture for Charles Sturt University, based in Wagga Wagga, NSW. He is a specialist in Australian and Islamic art, particularly the history of the Tentmakers of Cairo.

Sam is including three shadow puppets in the Art of Power House. These were created for his concert “The Thief of Stars”, which evolved from his research into Arabic shadow theatre (khayal al-zill) and the many translations of “Aladdin” since the Syrian storyteller Hanna Diyab composed the original story for the French publisher Antoine Galland in 1704. Their intricate patterns are indebted to medieval Egyptian puppetry, as well as terracotta water filters and Palestinian wheat-ear motifs.

The Djinn of the Stars is skeletal, for humans are said to be formed from earth and water, but Djinn are made of fire and air – neither of which cast a shadow. Hand drawn then laser cut on cardboard, the puppets are articulated with copper wire and supported in Egyptian glass vessels. They are inspired by Egyptian Khayal al-Zill theatre and Indo-Malay Wayang Kulit. 

Sam was a Yellow Grouper in 2001 and has served the Slush for almost 20 years. He was also HOD of Press and is known for filibusters, slideshows, and stunt writing.

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“Where craft meets art.”

From Lyn’s early childhood years, she has enjoyed creating and making hand crafts, inclduing knitting, cross-stitch and embroidery, encouraged by her mother and grandmother.

As well as dabbling in these crafts, Lyn has enjoyed painting traditional folk-art designs, mostly on wooden items.  From there she moved on to paper crafts in general, focussing on making handmade journals and recipe books.

Presently, Lyn enjoys designing and creating individual cards, often for particular people and occasions. Quite a selection of Lyn’s card will be included in the (virtual) Art of Power House exhibition.

Lyn has successfully marketed her crafts and cards for the past 20 years. Her professional career has been as a primary teacher, and a special needs teacher in junior and secondary school.

Lyn was introduced to Lord Somers Camp and Power House in 1971 and has been an active supporter of the community ever since.

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