Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 3) - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 3)

This week, we take a peek at the work of a couple of watercolour champions. Let’s meet Kim and Derek.

Kim was introduced to both art and Lord Somers Camp through her father Ron Wootton who was an art teacher at Camberwell Grammar and heavily involved with LSC&PH. 

Four years at Monash University Caulfield Campus emersed Kim into the world of visual art; a Tertiary Orientation Program in art was followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in painting. Ron’s love of teaching was a driving force behind Kim’s decision to complete a Diploma in Secondary Education at Victoria University Rusden. Kim is in her thirty fourth year of teaching art to secondary students.

For the Art of Power House Exhibition this year Kim has included one water colour based on her love of the Victorian coastline. Kim works in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil, her body of art takes inspiration from the Victorian east coast drawing us into the oceans darkened heart. Her seascapes represent the energy and movement of the shoreline. Delicate paintings explore intertidal and wave refraction, a backwash of colour and light.

Kim first came to camp in 1986 as the Slushee Queen, although she had attended camp for several weeks each year since birth. Her connection with her father continued when she became a Light Blue Group Leader.

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Derek was introduced to the visual arts through his mother who had studied art at RMIT in the 1930s influenced by the artists of the time, many of whom were her teachers.

In the first three years of Derek’s Architectural course in the 1960s, he undertook a number of fine arts subjects, including art appreciation, composition, theory of aesthetics and colour, life drawing, sculpture and photography. He was also taught the geometric set up for perspective drawing, including the projection of shade and shadows, known as skiagraphy.

It was not until Derek’s retirement from full time work in 2010 that he had time to pursue a lifelong desire to paint. He then undertook a five year painting course and joined the Elgin Artists in Hawthorn in 2013, participating in its annual exhibitions. (

Derek has six watercolour paintings in the Art of Power House, four based on a trip to the Bogong High Plains and two of Lord Somers Camp.

Derek first came to Camp in 1963 as a Red Grouper and has been a Slushie Duke, Executive Officer, Group Leader, and President and Camp Chief from 2003 to 2007, following which he became a Director of the Power House Youth Leadership Foundation. In his twenties he was a half miler and sprinter with the Athletics Club, played a couple of seasons with the Football Club and is currently the Games Director for Oldies Camp.

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