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Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 2)

It’s part 2 of our sneak peek into the talent behind the The Art of Power House exhibition. This week, it’s somewhat of a digital theme. Let’s meet some (more) artists!


Jacqueline Beaman (JQ) is a first time exhibitor with the Art of Power House but is likely no stranger to many in our community, having been on stage for plenty of our theatre productions. Jacqui has been in the creative sphere from as young as four years old, when she bought her first guitar and microphone.

Jacqui is a Melbourne based artist and creator. Growing up, she had a zest for the performing arts industry and gigged around Melbourne as a musician before releasing her 6 track EP titled ‘Fire & Water’ in 2017. Jacqui went on to study a Bachelor of Acting for Stage and Screen at Federation University and has since written and starred in her very own short film titled ‘Housemates’ and musical titled ‘Pinkies Up’.

Throughout the years, Jacqui could always be found doodling in her notebooks and loved to wind down with a pencil and paper in hand. When the pandemic hit in 2020, and the performing arts industry indefinitely on ice, Jacqui found herself with more spare time than she knew what to do with. As a result of craving an alternative creative outlet, Jacqui decided to take her drawing more seriously and fell in love with digital art. 

Jacqui has been involved in LSC&PH since 2014 when she went through Big Camp as a Yellow Grouper. She has been part of many Community Camps, PTG programs and Big Camps since. Jacqui adores the Somers community. 

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Instagram: @jq.dreaming


Among Greg’s interests are photography and architecture, and he combines these to bring us engaging images. Greg first exhibited with the Art of Power House last year, in the show’s virtual edit.

Greg became interested in photography when he was studying at RMIT in 1979 and did photography as one the subjects in the course. As a Landscape Architect, photography has always been part of his daily work taking shots for site assessment, marketing and to monitor construction of his various projects. As such, he specialises in both architectural and landscape photography.

A few years ago, he did a short course in architectural photography, which offered the opportunity to study composition and structure of architectural work. The interplay of light, built form and the spaces created between buildings all offer great opportunities for photography. It is also interesting to observe how people interact with the buildings and spaces.

During his career, he has been fortunate to work in Asia and been able to explore and photograph places including Vietnam, The Phillipines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

For the Art of Power House exhibition, Greg has included seven photographs. Three of them were taken in Melbourne, one in Adelaide, one at Nowa Nowa, Victoria, one at Somers and one in Hong Kong.

In 2020, he was awarded an honourable mention in the international Monochrome Awards for a photo that he took in 2013 of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Greg Cater has been a member of LSC&PH for 43 years. He attended his first Big Camp in 1978 as a Dark Blue Grouper and was sponsored by Mentone Grammar School. Over the last 43 years he has been volunteers across many camp departments, including cooks, radio, group leading, Slushies, Executive Committees and photography. 


It’s her first time exhibiting with us, and Gaynor claims that a person may need the acceptance and imagination of a small child to appreciate some of her “artwork”, particularly the paper cut outs. They were created by the child in her after all.

Gaynor never made it to kindergarten so has been attracted to scrap paper and little pairs of brightly coloured plastic scissors ever since. She often sees things in a two dimensional world where impression is the aim, and scale and perfection don’t need to exist….nothing too real, nothing too serious, but a whole lot of fun. 

Although photographic in origin, and almost as old as photography itself, the cyanotype process is not so much mysterious as hit and miss. The variable nature of the process produces a unique work where no two images can be quite the same. With wet cyanotypes and development by the sun, the final outcome is almost impossible to predict.

All three of her children went through Big Camps at Somers and she has taken more than a few pictures as a photographer at Girls Camp and more recently at Goldies. When not heading for the bush to photograph birds, Gaynor enjoys socialising with her Power House friends at the occasional Positive Ageing Luncheon.

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Jono is known in the LSC&PH community for his top notch skills in filmmaking. You may have seem him in one of our theatre productions… or a few. Jono returns to the Art of Power House in 2021 to show us what he’s been working on.

Jono had a passion for creativity from a very young age. Growing up rurally in Colac meant exposure to filmmaking was rare, however that didn’t stop him making short home movies with his siblings. It wasn’t until Jono moved to Melbourne in 2011 to study Science and Engineering that he got a real taste of the big city. It didn’t take long for Jono to realise maths and physics was as exciting as watching paint dry, so he dropped science and began studying Film and Television at Swinburne University. After a few years Jono directed his first short film Top Dogs. The film went on to have some independent film festival success in the US and was nominated for best tertiary short fiction at ATOM.

Today, Jono runs his own production company Moo Motion producing commercial content, and is always working on upcoming film projects and creative pursuits.

Jono went through Big Camp in 2009 as a Green Grouper and has since held roles on the Camp Diversity Committee, MAX, been a part of many PTG productions, and is looking forward to his first AGLU role at Big Camp 2022.

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Daniel’s photographs were featured in the inaugural Art of Power House in 2019. His passion for photography began as a young child and has taken him to places all around the world, working as a professional landscape and lifestyle photographer.

Dan’s approach to photography connects emotion and the physical. What drives him is the ability to share places and moments with people not usually seen or experienced. The style of Daniel’s work varies with the places he captures, tailoring the human element of the place to the outcome of the photograph. This flexibility allows him to create a unique focus in each piece.

Follow Dan’s journey on Instagram or visit his website. Exhibition Prints are Limited Editions; however any images can be ordered from the website or by emailing Dan. Custom printing of any sizes and mediums are available upon enquiry.

Dan attended his first Lord Somers Camp in 2012 as a Yellow Grouper and has been involved ever since. Camp has allowed him to develop his skills across multiple programs, capturing many of the photos used in the journals and other marketing content. Outside of Camp, Dan works in Engineering and Design, marrying his love for the built environment with that of the natural world, creating sustainable technologies and systems to better connect how we live and work.

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Instagram: @DanielMarkKellett