Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 1) - Lord Somers Camp and Power House


Art of Power House: Meet the Artists (part 1)

The Art of Power House exhibition showcases artistic talent from the Lord Somers Camp and Power House community. We’re incredibly excited to see what the third year of the show brings and with opening night only one month away, it’s time to take a peek at the talent. Let’s meet some artists!


A fitting place to start, we meet talented sculptor, Andre. Not just one of the exhibitors in the Art of Power House, Andre was one of the brains behind the inaugural exhibition in 2019 (along with Danj Beadman).

Andre creates unique sculptural works in a mud brick studio in Mandurang, just outside Bendigo. Living surrounded by box ironbark forest, the natural world influences and informs  Andre’s work, which has an organic aesthetic. A recent series of works was based around the local birds and native grasses on his property. 

With a focus on sustainability his arts practice is based around using predominately waste and reclaimed materials. 

The style of Andre’s work varies greatly. His interest in the possibility of movement has inspired research into kinetic concepts and applied mechanics.  

Andre’s connection to Lord Somers Camp and Power House began in 1990 when a random chance to become a Dark Blue Grouper changed the rest of his life. 

LSC&PH was a great creative outlet which gave many opportunities to build and create unusual things and this has helped shape Andre’s creative passion. Andre is happiest when out in the Technical Department at Somers. 

Contact Andre  

Instagram: @Andre Sardone Art
Facebook: Andre Sardone Art


Sarah has been part of all three Art of Power House exhibtions, including the 2020 virtual edit. The 2019 exhibiton was Sarah’s first experience of exhibiting her art and she has since participated in several exhibtions.

Sarah is a Bendigo based printmaker who creates lino-prints of flora and fauna, which are then hand-painted with watercolours. She is a mum to four boys, wife of an Anglican minister and a secondary Visual Art teacher at Victory Christian College.

Throughout her life, she has enjoyed creative pursuits such as sewing, costume-making, singing, playing guitar and painting. Sarah completed an Arts/Teaching degree, majoring in Painting and Performing Arts. However, it wasn’t until she completed a workshop with Deborah Halpern that she discovered lino-printing and the art of printmaking! Since then, Sarah has enjoyed refining her technique of combining lino-print with watercolours to produce flora and fauna artworks inspired by God’s creation. She prints editions of her lino-prints and then hand paints each print with lightfast watercolours. Sarah is also available to do commissions.

Sarah sells her work online and through the Customs House Gallery, in Echuca. Sarah is excited to include some larger scale works in this year’s Art of Power House Exhibition! 

Sarah first became involved with Lord Somers Camp and Power House in 1995 when she attended Big Camp as a Red Grouper.

Contact Sarah

Instagram: @handmadebyhemmings


Also a third time exhibitor for the Art of Power House, Greg is a fine-art printmaker and freelance illustrator who works from his home studio in Kingsville, Melbourne. He works in both traditional methods and digital technologies.  

He has worked as a freelance illustrator on product branding projects, marketing materials, book publishing and more recently motion graphic pieces for film.  

He has been working as a relief printmaker for 16 years and has participated in various group and solo exhibitions.   

Greg grew up in the township of Healesville, known for its wildlife sanctuary. A keen observer of the environment, it is where he developed an appreciation for the diversity and uniqueness of our native fauna. 

The theme lends itself well to the bold, colourful and graphic qualities relief printmaking can produce.  

He also takes inspiration from our unique coastal environments, holidaying beachside regularly with family and friends and having lived for several years in St. Kilda.

Greg was introduced to Lord Somers Camp and Power House thirteen years ago by his husband, John Hutchinson. 

Contact Greg

Instagram: @MyGroodle
Facebook: Greg Ure – Printmaker Illustrator


Kevin is a potter and teacher, and a new exhibitor in the Art of Power House. Kevin’s work is collected widely around Australia and internationally and he welcomes your inquiry.

His development of a personal artistic style with the ceramics medium has been a blend of patient nurturing and aspiration, risk taking and failures, but always with constant learning experiences where something of worth has emerged that is unique, an expression of self and fulfilling. Continual ceramic practice over these years has allowed for an evolution of style and expression, mainly through the Naked Raku firing process.  

With over 40 years of art practice, starting with an enriching ceramics course at Bendigo College of Advanced Education (now Latrobe), and then teacher training. The years that followed have been a rewarding experience of blended teaching and ceramic practice. This path has allowed for the gaining and sharing of extensive knowledge, passion and skill. After 20 years teaching ceramics in TAFE, Kevin then transferred to Camberwell Grammar School, heading the Studio Arts program and working with enthusiastic and talented young men, nurturing them to find their ‘voice’ through ceramics and art.  

Encouraged by the great Peter Hutchinson, Kevin’s engagement at Power House came through Big Camp where his sons Jono and Tim attended, both greatly valuing the experience.  

Contact Kevin 

Instagram: @kevinboydceramics