A note from our President and Camp Chief – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


A note from our President and Camp Chief

I wish to extend thanks and congratulations to all of the staff members, Directors and Board committee members who were involved in the leadership, preparation and presentations that contributed to the success of our online 2020 Annual General Meeting on Monday evening. Gratitude is also extended to staff and members who contributed to the 2020 Annual Report which I commend to all members and which can be accessed here.

It was very pleasing to see such strong numbers of attendees connecting to the AGM and the diversity amongst the members involved was also great to see. The thoughtful and future focused nature of the questions posed at the end of the meeting indicated the strength of the ongoing commitment of our members to the sustainability and growth of LSC&PH.

The members of the staff, Board, PandA and other sub-committees are also very grateful for the commitment and creative thought that was contributed by those involved in the two Keeping the Spirit Alive (KTSA) workshops.

If any members have thoughts they would like to contribute to the conversation about the shape that our LSC&PH service to the broader community might take in the months ahead (big or small, individual or group)  please reach out to either myself (lscphpresident@gmail.com), Tim Ryan (timr@lordsomerscamp.org.au) and/or Vikki Deak (vikkid@lordsomerscamp.org.au) so we can add those to the ideas already gathered.

Stay safe and well.