10+ years of service – Lord Somers Camp and Power House


10+ years of service

After over 10 years of service, Ross Boyce has retired from the Board and from his role chairing the Finance Committee for Lord Somers Camp and Power House.

Ross has lead with great passion for the organisations and brought a high standard to all things finance related. The organisation is in a better and more sustainable place because of the leadership and committment Ross has given over the years.

Being roped into coming down to Lord Somers Camps by his wife, he has since been a very active contributor to the vibrancy of camps. Ross has never been backwards at coming forward into support roles to ensure camp experience was as rewarding as it possibly could be.

You can be sure to see Ross at future programs in the coming years and if not, keep an eye out on the road as he hitches up the caravan to the Jeep and takes some well deserved R&R.